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Let me introduce myself. I am Yulia and my interest in Pilates has started quite a while ago. It constantly evolved, changed, grew stronger over time and finally resulted in me qualifying as a Pilates teacher.

Since my teenage years, I have had a tremendous interest in holistic approach to health and a longing for healthy, balanced lifestyle. Having started off as a Yoga student, my interest slowly shifted towards Pilates as a down-to-earth, grounded, gentle, yet challenging way of exercising body and mind. I have quickly recognised the profound benefits that Pilates has to offer. Not only have I felt the difference in my body, but also I have gained a more confident and positive approach to life. Practicing Pilates has made me more grounded, focused and mindful of my lifestyle, it helped me to gain mental strength in facing the ups and downs of everyday life.


Homeopathy, an alternative apporoach to health and disease,  is my other passion and I am currently working towards completing my 4 years of studies to gain the certification as RS Homeopath. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on treating the individual with highly diluted substances which trigger the body's natural immune system of healing. Based on the patient's symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient. Homeopathy was developed by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, in 1796 and has been used world-wide ever since. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world.

I am currently taking on patients as part of my supervised practice and as a student homeopath I am offering homeopathic treatment for reduced prices. If you are interested to find out more about how homeopathy can help and what it can do for you, please do not hesitate to drop a line!

MY QUALIFICATIONS (the important bit!)

 Being a Pilates teacher to me is much more than a profession, it is a part of my holistic attitude to life. I love to see the difference that Pilates classes make to people's lives! It is so satisfying to see people fall in love with Pilates after years of physical inactivity. I love to see my clients walk out of the studio refreshed and energised, calm and centred, with a content smile on their faces. I love to celebrate small victories and work through rough patches, always offering words of support and encouragement. I take pride in being able to provide warm and friendly atmosphere in my classes, with everyone focusing on their own practice. I love the flow of Pilates moves, as well as the challenge of being able to work through so many levels  of every single move.

In 2010 I have completed Pilates Matwork Training with Pilates Institute and gained certification of Matwork Level 3 Pilates Teacher. I am a fully qualified Matwork Pilates instructor, insured with FitPro. Since then, I have been continuously developing my professional skills through advanced workshops and seminars. I am a member of JPilates Associates, a yearly programme dedicated to continuous professional development.

My future plans include training for Level  4 Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain and Level 3 Award in Pre- and Postnatal Pilates. I am planning to achieve a certification in Pregnancy Pilates in June 2017 and to be able to offer one-to-one Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates.


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